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The Global Womenís Water Initiative (GWWI) is a joint venture of international organizations A Single Drop, Crabgrass, and Womenís Earth Alliance. The GWWI equips local African women leaders with technology training, business skills, networking support, and seed funding to launch water service projects across Africa that have the potential to become income-generating.

The Global Womenís Water Initiative is a collaborative venture among these three international organizations, each bringing a unique set of expertise. Their combined experiences, partnerships, and insights enhance each otherís ability to achieve broader impact.

GWWI Partners:

A Single Drop (ASD) brings experience in technology transfer and organizational development from their  social entrepreneurial programs- Safe Water for the Philippines and Women Water  Stewards in Africa. ASD coordinates the appropriate technology, WASH Education, on-the-ground follow-up training, and project implementation components for the Global Womenís Water Initiative.

Crabgrass is a human rights organization that has addressed water and other issues since 1985. Crabgrassís participation in the GWWI is built upon their three International Women and Water Conferences held in South Asia: one in Varanasi, India; one in Kathmandu, Nepal; and one in Dehradun, India. Crabgrass coordinates the research, strategy, and finance components of the GWWI.

Womenís Earth Alliance (WEA) brings an international network of information-sharing and pro-bono support, as well as access to web-based technology and network facilitation. WEA coordinates the information technology aspects of network support, and helps with follow-up funding opportunities through microfinance or other means. WEA also coordinates the PR components of the GWWI.

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